indyreads™ provides access to a statewide collection of independent Australian and international titles, classic literature and modern award-winning titles in eBook and eAudio format. 

If and when you add local studies content or community licensed content, you can make reference to that content.

To access indyreads™ you have three (3) options.

Option 1: Via desktop

Option 2: search and install indyreads™

Option 3: search and install indyreads™

Login details

Select Grenfell from drop box

Library card number B0….

PIN is your birthday ddmmyy

Tick terms and conditions box

What is the default loan period and the total number of items a user can borrow?

The item loan period is 21 days. 

Items can be renewed if there are no reservations. Items can also be returned early via the App.  The maximum number of items per borrower card is 20.

Can a ‘temporary online registered member’ access indyreads?

No, a person who has joined a library via an online membership form and has not had their address verified is not permitted to access the indyreads platform.

To borrow an item

Search catalogue or select title from menu

If title is available you can select borrow

Download title or read from screen

To return an item

From Bookshelf to the right of the title are 3 dots. Press these for menu select return loan. Return.

Renew a loan

This functionality allows patrons to perform a renewal of a resource when the end of their loan period is approaching.

The user can renew a loan from their personal area when it expired in three days, as long as that title has no reserves and has not been previously renewed.

It should be highlighted that the platform enables a single loan renewal, as long as the book has no reserves.

The steps to carry out a renewal are:

1) In order to make a renewal of a resource, it is necessary three days before the due date. During the last three days of the loan period and no existing previous reservations of the resource by other users, the button with the option “Renew Loan” will appear.

Click on the “Renew Loan” button and verify on the pop-up window that you want to renew the book.

Once you accept the renewal, a message that says “Your loan has been renewed” will be shown. This means that the renewal of your loan has been correct and that you will be able to enjoy the resource during a new loan period.

Creating a wish list

Users can create lists of books (desired items, already read, romance, …) adding these elements to the list one by one. This can be done from the Item Details Page, clicking on Add to List.

On the pop-up window, the user has to decide if the resource is added to a previously created list or to a new list.

Select the desired list from the drop-down menu if the item is going to be added to a previously created list. Click the Add button and the resource is added to the list already created automatically.

If the user wants to add a resource to a new list, create that list:

1. Insert the name of the list in the text box called Name.

2. Choose if the list will be public or private.

3. Click Create and Add button.

4. In My lists section you can see all your lists.

Delete items from a list.

Items can be deleted from a list by clicking on the “bin” icon on top of the cover of the resource.

Remove a list.

To delete a list, all we need to do is click on “Remove List”

Password Change

To be able to change the password, the steps to follow are:

1. Identify yourself with the access data.

2. Go to User’s Area – User profile

1. In the Password section, enter your current password and new password.

2. With the fields filled in, click the “Save” button.


Indicate your degree of satisfaction with the resources of the platform. For that:

1. Look for the resource you want to value.

2. Click on the title to open the details page of the book with all the information.

3. Scroll through the window until you find the Vote section.

4. Click on the star that indicates your vote, with 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest score.

5. Once you vote, it will be computed with the other users’ ratings, in the “Average rating”, which is below the title page.


To leave a comment about any of the resources previously borrowed:

1. Login on the platform.

2. Look for the resource on which you want to comment.

3. Click on the desired resource.

4. Once in the resource details page, scroll through the window until you find the “Add a comment” section.

5. Fill in the text box.

6. Select “I accept the Terms of Use” and click the “Send” button for the comment to be published.