Grenfell Reviews

If you are interested in completing a review please contact the librarian. These can be of a book, movie, TV show or magazine that you recently borrowed from the library. The review can be emailed to the library or clearly handwritten on paper and delivered.

Book review by Hayley Griffiths – Oct 2020

The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

I’m always on the hunt for a book with an intriguing story and this certainly is one of those books.

Blending fact and fiction, this is a book centred around the production of The Oxford English Dictionary and the words that do not make it in, for one reason or another, written from a female perspective. The process of that Dictionary’s collation is almost incomprehensible in 2020 but the historical elements should not be forgotten. The roles of the suffragettes and suffragists, the soldiers and their families are all raised in this story which puts a different focus on that era.

This book can be found in the library on the fiction shelves under WIL and on the talking book shelves under WIL.

This title is also available as both an eAudiobook and eBook on BorrowBox.

DVD review by Erica (Librarian) – Oct 2020

TV Show – Yellowstone seasons 1 & 2

This is about a family ranch that is defending everything that they have built up over four generations. A huge Kevin Costner fan I thought that I would give this ago after a number of people told me to watch it.

So I spent some time over the long weekend watching and found it addictive. Not just the storylines but the way that everything connected to each other.

Rated MA15+ and definitely not for children.

Available from the DVD TV section.